About Us

Hep Free Hawai`i (HFH) is a grassroots coalition started by hepatitis advocates in Hawai`i to bring attention to the epidemic of chronic hepatitis B and C and liver disease in our islands. Through increasing awareness, HFH hopes to encourage everyone in Hawai`i to learn their hepatitis status, and for those living with hepatitis or other liver disease to access the care they need to live healthy lives.


Hep Free Hawai`i (HFH) is a project of The CHOW Project, a 501 (c) (3) organization acting as fiscal sponsor.  Learn more about fiscal sponsorship

Hep Free Hawai`i Vision

To create a Hawai`i free of new viral hepatitis infections with a comprehensive system of care to support the health and well-being of persons living with chronic hepatitis B and/or C and other liver diseases.

Our Mission

To reach out to Hawai`i’s `ohana (family) to raise awareness and encourage active participation in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral hepatitis and liver disease in Hawai`i.

Our Goal

Hep Free Hawai`i will raise awareness about viral hepatitis in Hawai`i by helping people to learn their hepatitis status through access to hepatitis testing; to protect themselves from hepatitis through access to vaccinations; and to connect people living with hepatitis to care services.



Hep Free Hawai`i continues to thrive thanks to the efforts of its volunteers.  We would love for you to join us in our campaign!  If you want to be a part of our team, please download and submit our volunteer form.

Partner Agencies

Hep Free Hawai`i is proud to represent a coalition of agencies who support our campaign. If you are interested in becoming a partner agency, please download and submit our partner form.

Our partner agencies include:


Hep Free Hawai`i thanks our supporters for their contributions. If you are interested in supporting HFH, please contact us.

Our supporters include:

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